Date: 12 August 2009
Venue: Cox Terrace, Fort Canning Park

“Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick.”

I went to the Lady GaGa concert!

The place was packed by 6PM and the concert wasn’t supposed to start till 8PM! Heard that some of these people started queueing as early as 3PM! There were people dressed outrageously (most probably GaGa-style) and drew all sorts of lightning bolts on their faces.

DJ Inquisitive and an awesome beatboxer opened for her. Personally, I preferred the beatboxer because he could really do amazing stuff with that mouth of his. Totally blew the crowd away, even with the mike at the back of his throat.

Lady GaGa came onstage at 9.10PM, which was really long-awaited cos the 10,000-strong crowd was starting to smell and get impatient. Some even boo-ed the DJ earlier. Oops, but nobody likes to wait that long.

Songs performed include: Paparazzi; LoveGame; Beautiful, Dirty, Rich; The Fame; Money Honey; Boys, Boys, Boys; Just Dance; Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say); Brown Eyes; Poker Face.

With her GaGa-fied keytar

She’s got an amazing set of pipes, evident from all the notes she stretched. Great voice! She did a couple of costume changes, all of which incorporated shiny, glittery surfaces. She interacted with the audience, calling us motherfuckers and calling herself “the blonde bitch in a bunch of bubbles” (referring to her Poker Face costume). Plus, she seems to be having some fetish for our chilli crabs, mentioning it every now and then.

The crowd sang along when she finally performed Poker Face (the Cherrytree sessions version – ONETWOTHREE). She did yoga-esque poses on the bubbly piano. Standing, squatting, preening, posing, heels on the piano keys, sitting on the piano and she’s got great legs!

One thing I really hated was the pushing/shoving. Men (or should I call them, boys) were pushing people and shoving into the tiny spaces in between people! No freaking manners! When Lady GaGa told the crowd to jump, you’re supposed to jump on the spot, not charge forward! What, you guys are freaking kangaroos?!

Hopefully, the next time she comes, the concert will be held at the indoor stadium – cooler, less shoving and more crowd control.

Thanks to my sister for the great company!

Lady GaGa: If somebody tells you that you’re not right, you tell them Lady GaGa said to fuck off!

(First published August 14, 2009 at 16:21PM @ mEnTaL bLoG)


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