Yayy! New blog!

I have the worst timings – changing my blog when prelims are in 2 weeks! It was a totally impromptu (and yet well-discussed) decision especially after I saw how pretty the Twitter widget is. I know I don’t reply Tweets, neither does anyone tag me, but I like how I can rant my one-off thoughts at that precise moment.

Anyway, I saw someone’s WordPress blog on Sunday, thought about it on Monday to and fro school and when I came back, I created my account! Then personalization takes priority and I think I’m sticking to the “simplicity is nice” concept which is why I think the only thing changing is the banner on top.

Speaking of the banner, I spent really long (longer than the two hours I tweeted) because I had to source for a really cool picture. After countless choices, I decided to use Matthew from KOL! The full length picture literally smoulders but I couldn’t fix it into the 770×140 dimension so I only have his hot face there.

GQ, August 2005

Okay, I guess I’d better go read up – spent much time perfecting stuff to my liking!


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