During my revision, I found myself singing along to Adam Lambert’s Whataya Want From Me. I have not followed American Idol since Season 2 (coincidentally, Clay Aiken also came out of the closet), and was probably just slightly intrigued when the finals involved “David Cook vs. David Archuleta” and “Kris Allen vs. Adam Lambert”.

Then there was his guyliner. His pretty album cover. His antics at the 2009 AMAs – kissing his keyboardist, shoving a dancer’s head/mouth at his crotch and grabbing another’s. Hmmm… Not really a fan of such stuff.

But I guess music is another thing altogether cos his songs are really nice! A quick look at the songwriters – Lady GaGa, Pink, Kara DioGuardi, Matt Bellamy (Muse) and Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic) – shows that his lucky stars are really shining bright! He even came to Singapore last Thursday – welcomed by a group of glitter-crazy fans, no less.

Guess Kris Allen gotta release more singles in order to compete with the Glambert.


One response to “WHATAYA WANT FROM HIM?

  1. Ryan Tedder is a fantastic producer.

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