Had lunch with SKY at Fish & Co last Thursday!

SZ and I were at the SIM Job Fair and personally, it didn’t do good to my nerves. That’s because when you think of jobs, you think of your results. When you think of your results, you think of exams. Then when you think of exams, you’re reminded of your pathetic state of revision. Breathe, KJ!

Anyway, lunch was really filling! All three of us decided to order the same main and drinks (great minds think alike!). 

Fish chowder! Yum!

New York Fish & Chips/Rice...

... with oozing cheese!

Think SZ and I were thoroughly entertained by YC and her new pet, Ah Cheok. Had a great time and hope to meet up more often after the finals in May!


One response to “MARS HOUR

  1. awww. i miss yc !

    ahhhhh! i realised i have so many posts to back track !! =X

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