Jia Jin celebrated her 22nd at ECP last Saturday and we were one of the privileged few to attend her exclusive picnic!  

Met up with the other girls at Bedok and we’re all raving how nice the photos looked. Guess the sky always looks especially nice when it’s about to rain. Oopsy.  



Hung out at the coffee shop, and still managed to take decent photos while our backs were splattered with raindrops. 

The picnic turned into a gathering, thanks to a white tentage! The grass was still murky but it was so good to be dry! And as the day progressed, it got darker and darker. Luckily, Jia Jin and Ivy were Girl Guides and they had all the necessities, including the sacred torchlights! Like Hui Yan said, it was like Earth Hour. 

And in the dark, we entertained ourselves with gossips and stories of the supernatural. I heard Wan Yee’s story twice in that week! *goose pimples*


(Photo credits: Hui Yan and Jia Jin)


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