I watched Monga and I think it’s really nice!

YC was already asking me to watch it if it opens in Singapore back in March (she caught it when she returned to Taiwan in February) but is worried that most of the dialect vulgarities will be censored. That was one of the ‘pull’ factors because I want to know them! HAHA!

What I didn’t expect was a tale with lots of heart. And mind you, this is one of the few Mandarin films I have seen in the cinemas.

Mosquito (Mark Chao) is a new student in the town of  Monga and he was picked on because he did not pay protection money. When he stood up for himself, he finds a group of gangly gangsters waiting for him after school. A fight results and Mosquito’s retaliations (dog shit!) were being observed by Dragon (Rhydian Vaughan) and Monk (Ethan Juan). They soon induct him into their gang and form the Prince gang, consisting of five member with Dragon as their leader because his father is the leader of the Temple Front gang, the most powerful/feared in the district of Monga. The Prince gang enjoy their reign until revenge rises to the surface, and sows discord between members and rival gangs. The situation intensifies when the mainlanders try to get a piece of the profitable district and a power struggle ensues.

Like I said, the movie has a lot of heart. You empathize with Mosquito because he grew up without a father, has no friends and has finally found a sense of belonging in the gang. Naturally, he will hold on to everything that makes it possible. Monk, on the other hand, is sometimes hard to fathom though I feel he has some feelings for Dragon. He really stands out from the usual Prince Charming roles he act in idol dramas.  At the beginning, Mosquito questions where is there so much fighting and what is the meaning to it. He got his answer at the teary scene at the end of the movie. 5 out of 5 stars.

To end the post, I’d like to share this tagline from the poster: 
我混的不是黑道 是友情 是义气

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