I was feeling really anxious this morning – cannot sit still and memorise those damn cases for LBO, thinking about what movies/TV shows to catch up after exams, what music to add to my iPod, what to eat for lunch, etc. My mind was really going places, but in actual fact, my butt was slowly taking the shape of my chair. Oh, the horror!

But after LBO today, I think my heart rarely made a bleep. I think it’s because I forgot the name of one case and I even went through the entire alphabet (in my mind) to try to trigger my memories about the case. Hesistantly wrote the letter ‘S’ before time was up and I kinda hurried to my bag to find the answer! Sidebottom v Kershaw! Ahhh! I realized I forgot some other cases and merged some details of my own but I think it should be okay, if the marker was drunk.

The real embarrassing thing happened on Wednesday, because I sat at the wrong table! All the while, I didn’t know how people could sit at the wrong tables and now it has happened to me. But luckily, that guy was being really nice about it and even wished me “good luck”! Too bad I didn’t say anything except “sorry” cos I was trying to recall the conclusion for one of the essays. But I realized I didn’t add the equation for delegated monitoring! No wonder my essay looked “equation-less”. So now, I’ll write it here: “K+D < min [S, mK]” because it seems to be burnt onto the surface of my mind ever since I realized I didn’t write it down.

Yup, I’ll quit ranting for now and stop writing down here what I didn’t write on my script. I’m gonna go smell the scent of freedom now. *deep breaths*


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