My iPod has been invaded by the 1980s!

Somewhere during the last week of my exams, I was sucked into the 80s. Well, sort of. I’m slowly developing a Glee fever and the songs they cover in it. The song in question? REO Speedwagon’s Can’t Fight This Feeling.

Songs from the 80s may be cheesy (their music videos are SUPER cheesy) but they are kinda heartfelt, in a sense. Some are really passionate, hot-blooded, and makes the hairs on your back stand on first listen; but songs about love are always evergreen.

Here’s the original: (warning: you may just want to listen to it)

Here’s the cover from Glee, covered by Cory Monteith:
(his vocals aren’t that strong, but he’s kinda cute)

And to my surprise, I realized Dean (Jensen Ackles) sang it during season 2 of SPN! Guess I wasn’t into 80s music then. Here it is:


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