Bailey: Where’s that water coming from?
Mary: Dr. Bailey, you’re crying.
(Bailey was trying to save Charles after he got shot) 

Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 recap on EW

OMG OMG OMG! I can’t believe I gotta wait till September for Season 7 to return! I lost track of how many people got shot – Reed, Alex, Charles and DEREK SHEPHERD!

Did I mention how much I hate April Kepner? First she gets fired for killing a patient cos she made a simple mistake. Then she gets re-hired when Derek became Chief. Then she wouldn’t stop following around Derek, like a lost sheep after “Chief Shepherd” (pun intended). And she got Derek shot after she messed up the painfully-achieved dynamics after Derek almost-successfully negotiated Mr. Clark to put down his gun. Then she was like, “Dr. Shepherd, my god, you’re back!” APRIL KEPNER SHOULD HAVE BEEN SHOT INSTEAD!!!

(30 minutes later)

I’m watching the continuation of the big shocking episode and I can’t stop crying! Especially when Mr. Clark was in the room when Cristina was operating on Derek and a gun was pointed at her. OMG tears overload! Thank goodness for Jackson!

EW: Shonda Rhimes on the finale

Okay, I’m gonna go calm down now.


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