Woohoo! Made a trip to City Square Mall, Singapore’s first eco-mall, about two weeks ago. The shops are mostly the same and I have the feeling that the new malls that are sprouting all over Singapore have similar shops. But I’m still anticipating Bedok Mall because it will be so near.

Anyway, I chanced upon OPI nail polishes in Metro! I think I SAW THE ENTIRE SHELF FULL OF NAIL POLISH, WITH SO MANY GRADIENTS OF COLOURS. It is NAIL POLISH HEAVEN! At $23.55 per bottle, and even with the 20% discount, it is still quite expensive compared to what I have. But I couldn’t resist! I got this Suede shade, which looks really pretty! You can check HERE to see how it looks. 

OPI We'll Always Have Paris Suede

I actually saw another shade of green (which I don’t have) and got my sister to get it the next day! OMG it’s so pretty too! You can check HERE to see how it looks. Pretty, unique jade green!

OPI Jade Is The New Black

Then, there is the mailbox surprise! Thanks SZ!

And I made a discovery on Monday! I got another tote bag!



6 responses to “MAKE ME HAPPY

  1. tsk tsk, someone is turning spendthrift! wait for me to be back!!!! its time to paint the town red! 😀

  2. wahh ! sian ! i typed so much ! then they error-need fill in email. now i forgot what i typed just now !

    is the suede shade the one i saw that day we met up???! mei mei la !! but i think it looks nicer in RL. the photo looks normal. so deceiving !!

    && do the green one one day ! i wana seeeee !! ❤

    &you tried the chocolate le ma?? i finished 2pkts that day i bought it ! so bitter-y chocolate-y so nice !! ahhhhhh!

    i miss you ! =(

    • Haha yup, it’s the purple one that you saw me with the other day!

      AND THE GREEN ONE IS ON MY FINGERNAILS! SO PRETTY!!! But I can’t seem to take a nice one of both hands cos very hard to position the camera =(

      I haven’t tasted the chocolate yet cos I’m waiting to finish the current one I opened. After that I’ll try yours! =)

  3. e nail polish shades are sooo cool!!

    but they r damn ex compare to wat i usually bought..haha!

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