Caught Hot Tub Time Machine a while back and it’s one of the funniest movie I’ve caught this year!

As the title suggests, four guys go on a vacation, chill out at the hot tub and go back to the 1980s! 1986 to be exact. However, they are told not to meddle with their past or their futures might become non-existent. But when Adam decides not to break up with hot girlfriend (because she stabbed him above the eye when he did), the other guys tries to alter their destinies too.

Throughout the night they went back to the ’86, the guys are always looking out when Phil, their grumpy bell-hop, loses his arm and his cheerful self. There were MANY close shaves; the part where the elevator goes up and down with the doors closing on his arm, the chainsaw, the rescue at the rooftop, etc. The look of disappointment on their faces when he manages to keep his arm is priceless. Then, there was the scene in the toilet when Lou has soap strategically placed on his face. The build-up to the scene was hilarious but I guess it’s far too explicit for me to put in words. But still damn funny! Love the 80s soundtrack too. 4 out of 5 stars.


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