Wow, this month has been filled with madness, or rather, madness filled with Gilmore-goodness. It’s the reason why my movie reviews have been kinda belated and the seemingly endless amounts of quirky quotes from the show itself.

I used to catch it on weekends when it was showing on TV but it was always bits and pieces and now, I have completed the entire seven seasons! It feels great! Now, I think I can really understand all they say at the magical speed they speak with. They are really the fastest-talking mother-daughter team on TV.

I would love to be in Stars Hollow, because of the small town charm and they constantly screen old movies at their local theatre! That is absolute LOVE! Plus, Lorelai really introduced Rory to a whole load of movies, like those with Molly Ringwald (Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink) to classics like The Godfather, Pulp Fiction etc. Every one of their sentences are littered with pop culture.

Initially, I think I was watching it because Dean (Jared Padalecki) but it became more of Lorelai and Rory then Lorelai and Luke. But Team Dean didn’t go well cos Jess appeared but as much as I hated Jess (Milo Ventimiglia), I could see why Rory likes him. He reads, like her! Unlike Dean, who tries very hard to read, but Rory reads really sophisticated stuff. Though, I must add, it will be very difficult to find a rule-breaking bad boy who enjoys reading in the real world. Team Dean fell apart after he got back to her while being married and it totally ruined him for me. So I guess, surprisingly, I’m Team Jess. Logan (Matt Czuchry) didn’t really work for me, because he didn’t give leave much of a good impression and I could have counted the times when Rory might have broken up with him (but did not). I think I was subconsciously rooting for them to be apart.

And, it was finally in Season 5 that Luke and Lorelai got together. What a long wait! Luke has been always there for Lorelai and he does things to keep her happy. Building her an ice rink, helping her find Rory’s chick, free repairs to the house, breaking the church bells, and pumping her full of caffeine. The only time you might dislike Luke is when he starts hesitating about them and keeping April away from Lorelai. That was bad Luke. Well, they broke up but the finale was kinda hopeful though. I mean, Luke spent the entire night making an enormous tent for the entire town so that Rory’s surprise graduation party could go on as planned even with the impending rainstorm.

And most of all, it’s the mother-daughter dynamics. Lorelai and Rory have always stressed that they are best friends first, mother and daughter second. And it speaks volumes about the relationship they share. You can feel it whenever Rory graduates and thanks her mother for everything because Lorelai is really that great. It is also kinda heartbreaking that they were apart for some time because of their differences. But when they made up, it was such a wonderful feeling!

And this is, in my opinion, one of the best scenes from the show. The epic Gilmore shouting match.

I do hope a Gilmore Girls movie will be in the works!


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