Sue Sylvester: It’s a Britney Spears sex riot!

Damn right it is!

(I just realized that the embedding was disabled by request! Oh well, please click to view it and watch the other videos featured by Shingi27 in this episode.)

The Britney Spears-themed episode of Glee premiered on Tuesday and the songs are amazing! Okay, maybe that’s because I grew up when Britney Spears was up and rising… but who hasn’t seen the music video for ‘…Baby One More Time’? Lea Michele did an almost-carbon copy of the video, complete with ponytails, grey sweaters and track pants.  It reminds me of the days when my sister and I would share earphones to listen to her CD on the Discman. Yeah, Discman, which is like ten years ago…

Kevin McHale (Artie) sang ‘Stronger’ which is one of my all-time favourite Britney song. I loved Britney’s video for this, by the way, the chair and her black costume. Kevin’s version is really nice too!

This season seems really exciting because more of the Glee kids are singing leads, like Heather Morris (Brittany), who looks really hot in those Britney costumes!

Last but not least, the Glee club’s version of ‘Toxic’! OMG! It even has Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schue) singing in it. Normally, Mr. Schue performs in the privacy of the practice room, never publicly with the Glee kids so this video is LOVE! I’m not a fan of all those hip-hop songs (‘Gold Digger’, ‘Bust A Move’, etc) but once Mr. Schue sings it, it goes straight into my iPod.

I think it’s time to dig out those Britney Spears CDs.


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