Dean: Still driving that plastic piece of crap, huh? (points to Sam’s Charger)
Sam: What’s your mileage again?
Dean: Shut up.

Sam: Were you, uh, were you racing me?
Dean: No. I was kicking your ass.
Sam: Very mature.

I enjoyed the part where Dean raced his Impala to get a spot before Sam. OMG they behave like children but act like MEN!

Dean: What is Chuck Heston’s disco stick doing down here anyway. I mean, don’t you guys put away your toys?

A Lady GaGa reference from Dean! It sounds odd coming from his mouth but I’d rather his than Sam’s. Sam is totally dark and brooding (my kinda guy) this season and I’m looking forward to more of Sam darkness.

Castiel: I believe the hairless ape has the floor.


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