It took me a long time to finally watch this episode and the opening titles are so The X-Files! I love it when a show changes its opening titles to fit with the theme of that episode. Excellent.

Crazy Crystal Lady: Of course it’s not UFOs, it’s fairies.
Dean: Fairies? Ok. Well, thank you for your input.
Sam: What, flying saucers not insane enough for you? If you wanna add glitter to that glue you’re sniffing that’s fine. But don’t dump your whackadoo all over us. We’d rather not step in it. Only thing you’re missing is a couple dozen cats, sister.

Dean: Close Encounter- Close Encounter!
Sam: What kind? First, second?
Dean: They’re after me!
Sam: Third kind already? You better hurry, man. I think the fourth kind is a butt thing.

Gosh, I wish Sam would show more concern when Dean’s shouting “UFO” and “Close Encounter” repeatedly over the phone!

Sam: My brother was abducted, I’m pretty good on the whole proof part.
Lady: Your brother’s been abducted? Oh my God!
Sam: It’s fine, I mean, I’ve had time to adjust.
Lady: Did it happen when you were kids?
Sam: No, like half an hour ago.

Sam: What about when there are no more leads for that? I mean, are you just supposed to sit there in the dark and suffer, even when there’s nothing that can be done at that moment?
Dean: Yes! You sit in the dark and you feel the loss.
Sam: Absolutely, but couldn’t I just do all that and have sex with the hippie chick?
Dean: No!
Sam: It would be in the dark…

Dean: It was a little glowing hot naked lady with nipples, and she hit me.
Sam: I’m not supposed to laugh, right?

Dean: I gotta say, I love the feel. It’s… it’s…
Sam: It’s like Sedona Arizona crapped in here.
Dean: Pewter-ific is what it is.

Sam: What am I supposed to do?
Dean: Fight the fairies! You fight those fairies! FIGHT THE FAIRIES!


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