Mark: Hi.
Lexie: Hi.
Mark: I miss you.
Lexie: Mark.
Mark: What, are you saying you don’t miss me?
Lexie: Pretty much what I’m saying.
Mark: You seeing someone?
Lexie: Yes. His name’s Andrew Rabb. He had a tumor removed from his pancreas three days ago, and I’m trying to make sure he doesn’t develop a fistula.
Mark: Go. Cure fistulas… or fistulae.
Lexie: Fistulas.
Mark: I miss you!

Mark: What’s the emergency?
I need a favor. A nurse hates me.
You’re a resident. I’m sure all the nurses hate you.
Yes, well, they love you.
I think you love me.
Lexie: Fine. Okay. Whatever. Can you please just talk to him, smooth things over so that when I go to take my patient back to Radiology to get his drain put back in, he doesn’t make a scene?
Mark: Fine, I’ll talk to him, but you gotta meet me at Joe’s tonight for a drink.
Lexie: You are unbelievable.
Mark: That’s why you love me, ’cause I’m unbelievable.
Lexie: You and I – we don’t work. We’ve been been through this.
Mark: One drink.
Lexie: Fine, one drink. Oh, okay here he is.
Mark: Eli?
Lexie: E — argh.
Mark: Two drinks.
Lexie: Fine.
Mark: Fine. Stay here.

Mark: Eli.
Eli: Yes?
Mark: You got a second? Now listen. I don’t know what’s going on here, but I know better than to mess with you on your turf, so do me a solid.
Eli: Mmhmm.
Mark: Nod. Act as if we’re having a big debate here, cause Dr. Grey over there? She agreed to go out with me if I talked to you.
Eli: She’s bossy.
Mark: I know. I dig it.
Eli: Hmm. What’s in it for me?
Mark: Seahawks. Sunday. Box seats.
Eli: Parking?
MARK: Of course.
Eli: Mmhmm. Okay. [shouts] Unless Dr. Bailey herself orders that drain put back in I—
Mark: Now mention how highly I think of her.
Eli: I don’t care if you think Dr. Grey is the best resident you’ve ever seen come through this program.
Mark: I understand. And I respect that. Thank you.
Eli: Yeah.

Lexie: I know I agreed to have a drink with you, but as I walked here I realized how unfair that was. You know? It’s- It’s- It’s unfair to you. It’s unfair to me, because, really, nothing has changed. I- I mean, you’re- you’re still in a very different place in your life than I am. And- and you want different—[Mark kisses her]
Jackson: Oh, Lexie. I just got a page. Bailey wants us back in the ICU.
Lexie: Can you deal with it please?



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