Callie: Dr. Stark, you’re new here, but in this hospital, we take shootings personally.

After a month-long wait, Grey’s Anatomy is back and goodness, this episode is exactly how the doctors reacted when the Chief told them, “We saw 26 patients. 26 victims. And we had no casualties. No one died.”

Tears. Followed by laughter.

Maybe some laughter in mid-episode when Owen Hunt took out his stapler. That is one thing that will always remind me of him!

Arizona: Body block him, Karev. Don’t let him near that leg.

Derek: Since when are you so interested in updating the wife in the waiting room while doing this?
Meredith: Since I was the wife in the waiting room, Derek. I mean, honestly, you think you and Cristina are the only two who have ever been through a trauma?
Derek: Stop. Don’t do that. Do not bring Cristina back into this. You don’t get to act like a spoiled little brat in my OR.
Meredith: Why is it okay for Cristina to do whatever she wants but it’s not okay for me? Because I’m not hiding under OR tables or bartending?
Derek: Meredith.
Meredith: I mean, you and Cristina are so busy supporting each other, have you even noticed that I went through a trauma too? I was the wife in the waiting room, Derek. And it so hard to be the wife in the waiting room, so hard that walked into an OR while the shooter had a gun to you and told him to shoot me instead. That’s how hard it is to be the wife in the waiting room.

Teddy: Thank you for staying today, Cristina. I know it can’t have been an easy decision.
Cristina: You know what, though? It was.

Cristina: You wanna get a drink?
Yeah, I do.  Maybe not a real drink, actually, because I’m trying to get pregnant and supposedly alcohol will make my baby have three heads.  And sixteen toes.
Ohhh. Wanna get some crack-cocaine?!

Probably the most optimistic Grey’s Anatomy episode in season 7.


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