Bobby: You two enjoy catching up, okay? (walks away)
Sam: What was that?
Dean: One part age, three parts liquor.

Dean: Another theory – Penny’s diary.
Sam: Did you steal that from her room?
Dean: I love that you even ask me that.
Sam: And why wouldn’t I?
Dean: No reason.

Dean: “I’ve decided I’m going to give Stan my most precious gift.”
Sam: Wow, that sounded really creepy coming out of your mouth.
Dean: I think I delivered it.

Sam: Who would want virgins?
Dean: You got me. I prefer ladies with experience.

Sam: So, what, you think Batman tried to rape her?
Dean: Well, he does carry a lot of rage. But he rejected her because she was already de-hymenated.
Sam: You think?
Dean: I think it just goes to show that being easy’s pretty much all upside.
Sam: So, what kind of thing likes virgins and gold?
Dean: P. Diddy?
Sam: You know, it’s comforting.
Dean: What’s that?
Sam: I died for a year, came back, and you’re still not funny.
Dean: Shut up, I’m hilarious.

Bobby: They’re not like the Loch Ness Monster, Dean. Dragons aren’t real.
Dean: Could you make a few calls?
Bobby: To who? Hogwarts?

Sam: Great, back to the lore.
Dean: Which says what? That they live in Middle Earth?
Sam: No. Caves.
Dean: You’re such a nerd.

Castiel: Sam, it’s so good to see you alive.
Sam: Yeah, you, too. (Castiel goes for a hug, but Sam sits down.) Um, look, I would hug you, but –
Castiel: That would be awkward.

Dean: Ask me what time it is.
Sam: Why don’t you cut to the chase and just roll in it.
Dean: I rarely have wealth.


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