Meredith: So this thing with Callie… I mean, you know it’s a bad idea right? You don’t want to be Callie’s baby’s godmother.
Cristina: I don’t?
Meredith: No, I mean think of how many people have to die before you even get to step up. Mark, Callie and Arizona. That’s a lot of people.
Cristina: It is, yes, a lot of dead people.
Meredith: Right. Whereas if you’re my baby’s godmother-in-waiting, it’s only me and Derek. One wrong turn down a dark, twisty road – boom – you’re in.
Cristina: Let’s be clear. If I’m ever godparent to anyone’s kid, it will be in name only. I will NOT be taking care of children. That’s what boarding schools are for.


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