Alex Karev: You paged me?
Meredith Grey: Yeah, I need you to check my eyes.
Alex Karev: I’m not an eye guy. I don’t know how this crap works.
Meredith Grey: All right, well, I already did the chart. I’m, like, 20/25, but I… I… I… now I need you to look at my eyes through this thing.
Alex Karev: Maybe it’s glaucoma. Hey, you could get a prescription for pot. All right. Uh, look up. Look down. Doesn’t look like glaucoma. Uh, your cornea looks fine.
Meredith Grey: Good.
Alex Karev: Yeah, but you still can’t read the chart.
Meredith Grey: Yeah, but if I squint…
Alex Karev: Normal people don’t squint. All right. Read the chart, line 8. No squinting.
Meredith Grey: “D, C, P, I.”
Alex Karev: You’re blind..
Meredith Grey: Shut up.
Alex Karev: Can you even see me?
Meredith Grey: Yeah, and you look like a real moron. I need a real eye doctor.
Alex Karev: Can you even see enough to operate?
Meredith Grey: When I do the squinting thing, I see fine. Don’t quit your day job.
Alex Karev: Yeah, well, you keep squinting like that, and you’re gonna get crow’s feet, but I’m good at plastics. You want me to do something about that?


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