Mars Needs Moms is based on the book by Berkeley Breathed; where a boy, Milo, learns to better appreciate his mother after she was abducted by Martians who intend to harness her “mom-ness” for their young. Together with Gribble, Milo has until sunrise to save his mother before he loses his mother for good.

Well, this movie took me by surprise! I wasn’t sure if I would watch it but I heard that it made some people cry so I went to watch it. I just love the chance to cry.

Milo: Mars needs botox!

Anyway, the Martians take some time getting used too and their “hair” or whatever it is on their heads reminds me of spider legs. The male Martians are cuter because they are the crazy ones hugging and celebrating for no good reason. It’s no wonder Mars is a matriarchal society. Ki is a pretty cool Martian, though her English is stucked in the 70s. Gribble is such an adorable guy! I liked it whenever Ki and Gribble are in the same scene – Gribble can “change colour”!

Personally, I thought the ending was not bad so colour me shocked when I heard that the movie bombed in the US! Maybe the cast weren’t star-studded enough, unfamilar territory (Mars) or maybe Milo was too whiny. 3 and a half out of 5 stars.


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