(As promised…)

Date: 25 April 2011
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium


90 minutes of rocking good times since Matt Flynn and James Valentine went crazy on the drums and guitars. OMG I’ve forgotten how much I love Matt Flynn’s drumming!

Adam Levine – Vocals
James Valentine – Lead Guitar
Mickey Madden – Bass Guitar
Jesse Carmichael – Keyboards
Matt Flynn – Drums
PJ Morton – Keyboards/Backing vocals

Adam Levine: You guys gotta sing… now this is a high note. I see a lot of guys looking a little concerned about this. But I assure you this is gonna be okay. Nobody will hear you.

One of my favourite part was when Adam Levine dedicated She Will Be Loved to the ladies (after explaining his obsession with the fairer sex) and then guided the 8,000-strong crowd to sing She Will Be Loved… The left half sang “she will be loved…” while the other half sang “I don’t mind spending everyday out on the corner in the pouring rain…” and boom! – MAGIC.

Plus, the way Adam Levine keeps going round the microphone stand makes everyone wants to be that exclusive microphone stand. Some lucky one got Adam’s sweat-soaked towel when it ended.

More pictures available on my Tumblr!


1. Misery
2. If I Never See Your Face Again
3. Harder To Breathe
4. Give A Little More
5. The Sun
6. Won’t Go Home Without You
7. Never Gonna Leave This Bed
8. Secret
9.  She Will Be Loved
10. Wake Up Call
11. Shiver
12. Stutter
13. This Love
14. Hands All Over (Encore)
15. Makes Me Wonder (Encore)
16. Sunday Morning (Encore)

Matt's throwing his drumsticks to some lucky fellow...

My least favourite thing had nothing to do with the band – it’s those people with free tickets, with seats in front of me and they were seated throughout the concert? OMG it’s a bloody rock concert, fucking stand up!


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