It’s the season finale! OMG why does every season finale of Justified has to be so mind-blowing and bittersweet at the same time?

Raylan Givens: Dickie, I didn’t pull the trigger, but I’ll sleep like a baby knowing he will.

Boyd Crowder: Are you asking me or are you telling me?
Raylan Givens: Well, if it makes you feel better, you can tell people I asked.

Raylan Givens: Doyle, I need you and your boys to put your guns down.
Doyle Bennett: And why would we do that?
Raylan Givens: Maybe you don’t wanna see your brother’s brains fly through the air.

Art Mullens: Drop your weapons or you will be shot. Assume the position now. Do you dumbass peckerwoods understand English? On the ground, hillbillies. NOW!

EW.com – ‘Justified’ season finale: Walton Goggins talks ‘Bloody Harlan’
EW.com – ‘Justified’ season finale: Rank the five best scenes


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