Date: 7 May 2011
Venue: Marina Barrage

This is Nike’s first girls race and I’m so glad to be part of it! Thanks to SZ!


OMG UTT WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, Utt and Holly from MTV were the hosts and I didn’t know that until the actual day. Well, you know, that’s extra motivation to run the 5km!

(Especially since it’s been sooo long!)

It was a sea of amber since every girl was in the race tee and every girl is so competitive – there is no room for walking! Every time I swing my arms, there’s an 80 percent chance that I will touch a sweaty arm/thigh/(whatever you want).

And the top runners are absolutely crazy… fit! They finished the 5km under 22 minutes? That’s super fast!

Most importantly, I think I did good. There’s nothing better than feeling good inside!

Last but not least, nothing beats the view from Marina Barrage! I was completely captivated by the beautiful colours of the sky. Thanks to SZ for the photos and the camera!


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