We celebrated JJ’s 23rd on 1 May 2011 at Strictly Pancakes!

Really savoury pancakes with delicious butter (choice of salted, unsalted, garlic & herb or rum & raisin). WY and I had the Chicken a la King which was really filling cos there were THREE pancakes. I’m not really a pancake person but I wouldn’t mind eating them if I could have that cream sauce they used. Yummy!

Then we headed to PlayNation! First time with the Wii and Kinect games and we had loads of fun!

Our limbs were visibly tired after the Wii games – lots of swinging and bashing so we switched to Kinect… which was a full body workout. LOL!

The sport games were fun – I only remembered I was good at boxing! The dancing ones were challenging because I cannot coordinate my limbs! I probably cannot dance to save my life. JJ and HY were very enthusiastic with their dancing though. They totally dominated the hip-hop and para-para moves!


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