Completed all 13 episodes of the new series, Off The Map, recently and I loved it! But the sad thing is, ABC did not renew it. So the cliffhangers at the finale will be hanging till the end of time. 😦

Lily Brenner: If there was anywhere to start over, this is it…

Described as “Grey’s Anatomy meets the jungle”, they have to deal with the constraint that was the jungle, meaning their equipment are all outdated and they sometimes have to rely on jungle resources in their operations – coconuts for plasma, anyone?

One of my favourite moments from the pilot was when Ben and Lily brought their patient to the Lago de luz aka Firefly Lake. OMG it’s so beautiful! It’s a lake where the algae are luminescent, looking just “like fireflies caught just beneath the surface”.

Plus, I’ve come to like the trio of Caroline Dhavernas, Mamie Gummer and Zach Gilford. So yeah, I’m definitely sad that there wouldn’t be a second season.

Besides rooting for Tommy (Gilford) and Mina (Gummer), the rest of me is rooting for Lily (Dhavernas) and Mateo (Nicholas Gonzalez)! OMG! A gunshot victim-slash-weed grower never looked hotter!


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