SZ and I headed for the Sentosa Boardwalk on 19 May 2011!

Well, there was disappointment at the end of the walk because there were very few flowers, not to mention little variety. It was the exact opposite of what we read from a blog. I guess they were not in season or the heat probably made them into potpourri.

The nicest flowers were on top the rubbish bins so we took photos with them! Such a nice shade of purple and pink! And OUR new favourite photo of us has emerged~!

Spot the bird!

Another thing that made me really happy was that SZ remembers the Ch 5 show, The Ride Home! And I didn’t even bring it up or anything… OMG!

We didn’t manage to eat at the restaurant we wanted at the Boardwalk because it was booked for a private event so we headed back to the shopping centres where air-conditioning awaits!

Seoul Garden Hotpot!

Settled for dinner at Seoul Garden Hotpot after drawing lots. SZ had the Seafood Hotpot while I had the Garlic Chicken Bibimbap. Their portions were really large and there were still sides and dessert. We were both EXTREMELY full after our dinner.

This is what we call “Smell the roses, before it’s too late (:‏”


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