It’s been THREE WEEKS since I last logged into my WordPress!

All I have to say is that, work has officially made me its bitch.

The drafts for my movie reviews are still somewhere in my phone and I will try my best to let it see the light of day. Thankfully, I’m still watching movies in the cinemas – though not necessarily weekly, sadly – and lots more on DVD thanks to NLB! Oooh, love!

Last but not least, I’m watching what Entertainment Weekly calls “the best new show on TV” – THE WALKING DEAD!

So glad Ch 5 brought it in and I hope they don’t cut anything out (like they did on Glee season 2 – I stopped watching after I realized they cut out bits and pieces of Kurt’s scenes. Like what the hell, I literally watch it for KLAINE, okay?!). Sure, it’s freaking scary, I’m always hugging something and when a herd of zombies are out, my heart beats really really really fast. But it’s too thrilling to not watch it so yup, I shall build up my courage.

Alright, I shall start typing…


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