Glee Season 2 ended long ago and I remember it fondly because it introduced Darren Criss and the Warblers!

  1. Toxic
  2. I Want To Hold Your Hand
  3. One of Us
  4. Teenage Dream
  5. Start Me Up / Livin’ on a Prayer
  6. Stop! In the Name of Love / Free Your Mind
  7. Forget You
  8. Singin’ In The Rain / Umbrella
  9. Marry You
  10. Hey, Soul Sister
  11. Valerie
  12. Baby, It’s Cold Outside
  13. Bills, Bills, Bills
  14. Thriller / Heads Will Roll
  15. When I Get You Alone
  16. Silly Love Songs
  17. Somebody To Love (Justin Bieber)
  18. Don’t You Want Me
  19. Misery
  20. Raise Your Glass
  21. Get It Right
  22. Friday
  23. I Love New York / New York

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