This week was a crazy week in TV for me.

First of all, the ending of last week’s Grey’s Anatomy is still hanging over me like a cloud.

Secondly, I was sooo looking forward to the Castle Season 4 finale! I may have started it only three months ago but it doesn’t mean I feel any less than those who have been following the show since it first started.

Thirdly, I’ve started watching Sherlock! Yup, that’s the BBC series starting Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. I started with Season 2 (but don’t worry, I will find and watch Season 1 as soon as I can) and I’ve been dreading to watch the last episode because it would mean that I have to live in misery till the next season premiere in January 2013. And the thing is, even though each episode is 90-minute long, there are only THREE episodes per season. WHY?

Anyway, I’ve come to learn that it is quite hard to watch it outdoors because I really have to control my laughter since Sherlock is such an amusing character… and of course, ALL THE SUBTEXT. But of course, he’s extremely intelligent and it’s really amazing how much he can tell from a single look.

Then, there was the Glee prom episode “Prom-asaurus” which made me really high (“What Makes You Beautiful” by Artie, Sam, Mike, Rory and Joseph) and then Santana/Quinn’s duet of “Take My Breath Away”. And also, Darren Criss’ cute ‘fro.

Lastly, because this is the month of May and there are too many season finales going on. 😦

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