I was in high spirits for the past week!

Decided to watch Teen Wolf first out of curiosity and wow, those 12 episodes were simply not enough to satisfy my appetite!

Well, it’s been a year since they aired and they are currently showing Season 2 but it’s never too late! When I first heard there was a remake, I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh because the teen wolf from the original 80s movie was, like, super hairy! Eeeks!

But this reboot feels so much slicker! And the entire cast is so goddamn attractive! Crystal Reed is super pretty – no wonder Scott is head over heels in love with Allison! My favourite character is Stiles!!! He is so funny and loyal and sarcastic. Even though he’s just a human being surrounded by all these wolves, he’s always there to help Scott and even Derek, who still scares him. My poor baby Stiles. And his devotion to Lydia is just admirable.

I’m going crazy fangirling over here and I rewatch various episodes for fun. Like Episode 9 where Stiles introduces Derek as Miguel his “cousin” and use him as eye candy to distract Danny. Oh Stiles, you’re a horrible person… but I like!

Did I mention that the songs inside each episode are really awesome? Duh, it’s an MTV production – if they don’t get the songs right, who does?  (The CW, maybe…)


2 responses to “DON’T BE SUCH A SOUR WOLF

  1. Have you checked out season 2 yet? You’re gonna love the new theme song!

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