Date: 22 January 2013
Venue: The Boiler Room @ St. James Power Station


Managed to get early bird tickets and I was totally anticipating the gig! Opening acts include local bands Rancour and Plainsunset which kept the crowd yearning and wild – the body-surfing began as well as the shoving! I have been shoved before but not with such vigour. It was a different experience.

At around 2100hrs, The Ataris came out! Kris Roe! To be honest, I could just stand and savour the moment they opened with “In This Diary” and the awesome, acoustic version of “The Saddest Song” during Roe’s solo moment. Ah, my life is complete!


By the end of the show, it was obvious the crowd hasn’t had enough of the band so the organizers did an impromptu (?) autograph session outside the Boiler Room. Band merchandise were snapped up and those who didn’t have cash to buy them, the band members actually autographed on their pamphlets. How thoughtful!


I bought their “Port of Astoria” t-shirt (in a unique shade of blue) and THE BAND MEMBERS AUTOGRAPHED IT! My first autographed t-shirt! This is now one of my prized possessions! I also managed to snap a picture with Kris Roe himself! Ah, the band members are such nice people! I was also impressed by their new drummer, Eric Perkins (I shook his hand too!) and wished I took a photo with him. Anyway, he drums really well and his arms seem liked drumsticks too!



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