Date: 29 March 2013
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Well, I’m sure all fervent fans of The Script have been anxiously waiting for this day since the guys came into town last September for their autograph session. We waited for SIX MONTHS and the wait was worth it because it was a sold-out concert (I think) and the fans have gotten more enthusiastic and their songs resonated with us even more.


When Danny and the guys burst onto the stage, it was mayhem! I could see the crowd in the standing area squeeze to the front because everyone knows Danny loves to mingle and he did mingle with the crowd a few times, driving those in the front row nuts. I’m sure quite a number of them girls managed to touch him! *squeals*

I’m very impressed by guitarist, Mark Sheehan, who also happens to rap on #3 especially on ‘If You Could See Me Now’. To rap along is one thing, but to rap with conviction is another. He has amazing energy too, jumping from one side of the stage to another. He even got down to the crowd!

Then somewhere in the middle of the setlist from ‘Breakeven’ all the way to ‘Talk You Down’, I went crazy because they did ALL my favourite songs continuously! One thing about The Script’s songs is that they usually have this haunting tune that they can make the audience hum along. This is especially effective during concerts because the audience becomes this singular body of voice. That was what happened during ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ when Danny allowed the crowd to sing an entire verse on their own. It was such an enchanting moment and it just topped their 2011 concert version.

I hear their songs all the time on my ipod but somehow singing it live, together with the crowd and The Script, it was very emotional. I teared up a couple of times at some of the songs and I guess this feeling can only be felt when you’re at a concert like this.


Then the guys did something cute for their Facebook to remember this trip:


And we sang our way to an encore!

Danny surprised the audience during ‘You Won’t Feel A Thing’ by appearing in the middle of the audience. So, that’s what the ladder was for! Well, I almost touched Danny when he went down the ladder. They certainly kept the best for last because everyone sure knew the words to ‘Hall of Fame’ and boy, those boys that appeared out of nowhere during the Danny-in-the-crowd-fiasco earlier were shouting and thumping their feet with every line. I felt old next to them because how could one shout and thump so energetically?

Still, wasn’t ‘Hall of Fame’ amazing? I can still remember Mark cheekily asking us to sing “Be a Champion” while they exited.  Great concert.


Good Ol’ Days
We Cry
Science & Faith
The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
If You Could See Me Now
Before The Worst
If You Ever Come Back
Talk You Down
I’m Yours
Six Degrees of Separation
For the First Time
You Won’t Feel A Thing – encore
Hall Of Fame – encore


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