Working with a 17-year-old has its perks.

One, I feel instantly youthful whenever I’m around my younger colleague. Two, I had a blast listening to pop music in the vault today. FYI: I can never say no to boy bands. We attribute his ignorance to his age and we attribute his feeling of having the world at his fingertips to his age. Who didn’t feel like he had the world at his fingertips at 17? But now, at 25, I feel like the world is against me. Nothing seems to go as planned and even plans get disrupted. I had plans to learn many things but time is not a luxury. People say “make time” and I get that, I do make time once in a while. But it is really me squeezing activities in between each other. These past weeks, I have been sleeping the moment I hit the bed. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not used to the workload or have I been overworking myself.

I don’t mind working late and today was a strange day. In fact, I have been preparing for overtime this entire week and thought today was be the day. I offered to stay back and help but was rebuffed (?).  I don’t understand what is going on man. Was I really not required to stay or did I not sound willing enough when I offered? Or do I not understand male colleagues because I have been surrounded by female ones for too long? Or does this happen when two passive people work together?

So many questions… I’m feeling troubled and it’s not a good feeling.


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