It can be strange to have so much male perspective all of a sudden.

Case in point, my male colleague T.

Scenario 1
This male colleague was fuming and pissed at something and naturally, I’m afraid to approach him even though I had to since I have to ask him lots of stuff everyday. T commented, “不要忘记你是女人” (translation:  “Don’t forget you’re a woman”).

Scenario 2
T is always looking out for good-looking RMs – males for me, females for him (fair game?). So recently, there’s been new sightings of this male RM who is not bad – good skin and a sharp nose even though the overall look is a little coke-y. So, this eye candy situation became a little serious when he started to get people to REALLY introduce the eye candy to me. I said I don’t mind just watching. T commented, “你的 Longchamp 不是看看才买的, 对吗?” (translation: you didn’t get your Longchamp just by looking, right?”)

Maybe the time for acting passive is over and it is now time to be aggressive. Use my charms and work them to my advantage. Wow, it is like a whole new world. Time to up my game!


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