This video just made me laugh my socks off. I chanced upon it after reading this interesting blog entry about this girl’s experience on a blind date and how you should not go for one.

Anyway, this video made me realize the importance of names. Everyone has a name and it can be easy or difficult to pronounce. I’ve had the blessing/curse of having a name that is difficult to pronounce. I dread the first days of school when teachers mark attendance and say weird things (that is not my name). As I grew older (maybe upper Primary), I’ve learnt to NOT respond to off-sounding pronunciations and correct teachers when they realize they have not marked my name. Yes, I’m a Grammar Nazi and a Name Nazi. Nothing wrong to insist on the correct pronunciation of your own name.

Over time though, I have adopted a Chinese-sounding version of my name and it sticks better. Maybe deep in my mind, I have given up. Though a smile lights up my face whenever I hear people getting my name right on their FIRST  attempt. So, forgive me if I dedicate the essence of this post to someone in the office who has been pronouncing my name right even though he was going for the angmoh feel.


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