For those not in the know (which I suspect is the majority since I’m not a sharer), I switched jobs about two and a half months back and my colleagues couldn’t be more different. The former were into their own cliques and there were practically no activities for all to join. My current colleagues are mostly male and they really know how to take care of me – a female and a newcomer. They are like the brothers and uncles I never had.

At first, it felt a little weird then as time passes, it felt warm. It is especially warmer when you are dealing with a demanding boss. They would ask me if I feel okay after getting “reprimanded”. But seriously, I don’t really absorb the scolding part because such words aren’t really worth absorbing. I do, however, absorb the gist of what it is about so I don’t give my boss another chance to take a whack at me. What I cannot take is when they make personal attacks at my character. That, would really piss me off. Earlier today, due to another colleague’s omission, I got slightly “reprimanded”. The guy kept apologizing and I felt bad instead. Nowadays, we just give each other the corner of the eye look when we can see this coming from a mile away.

I guess the thing about working with a group of men is their hobbies are very different. For example, they love to drink. And yes, they actually go out as a group of colleagues to drink. Something I have never experienced before. Naturally, I am very tempted to go and last Friday was my second outing with them. It was beer the first time round and whisky on Friday.

I’m proud to say, it’s the first time I drank till I puked! The bag was really full of puke. I’m ashamed yet proud of myself at the same time. Ashamed because I had to puke in front of my colleagues, the driver who I didn’t know very well but had permeated his car with my sick smell. Proud because I knew my alcohol limit. Well, sort of. A few weeks prior, I was still wondering about the difference between being tipsy and drunk and I would say I’m the fierce kinda drunk. This colleague of mine refuses to let me forget how “fierce” I was as I threatened to “throw my warm puke” at them repeatedly. And I’m not the kind that loses consciousness easily. I DO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON!!!

So yup, even if my new colleagues and my new way of coping with stress is making me seem like a alcoholic – I’m happy. It might be because my colleagues are behaving like what I imagined or it could be the alcoholic high. Either way, I’m in a good place right now.


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