This post is long overdue, so here goes…

November this year really bears a lot of changes for me – physically, mentally and dietary. You start each day without expecting much and each small change eventually leads to little improvements and subsequently, big changes to your life.

Firstly, I rebonded my hair! It felt really good to wake up to nice, straight hair without having to rely on creams and the flat iron to keep my hair in order. I guess having straight hair really upped my confidence. I couldn’t stop flipping my hair cos it was fell back in place! The price I paid was really exhorbitant but ultimately, I still would have done it.

Secondly, I have been given more responsibilities work-wise. Though I’m unable to cover the full desk due to technical constraints but I think I’m managing well! Only at this point of time, I do hope my colleague is managing as well as I am. I think he is very competent but maybe as a guy, his ego comes first and that is not very helpful at times.

Lastly, November has been real fun because of the “alcoholidays”… Yup, I now understand the effects and influence of the amazing alcohol. There was drinking every week and I even went clubbing! It’s a first for me and I’m really touched that people are worried for me. I’m all right!

My colleague said that we should play hard because life is short and November is me starting to play hard.


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