People said I have changed over these few months. I think it’s because I’ve started living. I have gotten out of my hermit shell and people are just starting to notice. Even I’m surprised at my actions sometimes. 

My colleague asked what I did during weekends, I said I was a homebody a.k.a. 宅女 and he laughed because recent activities do not indicate so. That side, I’m glad to have made a new friend who understands my situation and most importantly, takes my side.

Certain situations are really grey and people do not often have the best perspective. So I’m really glad and heartened to know that this new friend shares my perspective. Taking sides is bad for both teams but you cannot always stand in the middle. Though in this situation, I feel a little like Yoko Ono.

I admit I don’t make friends easily and I’m surprised at how fast this friendship was formed. We can talk about anything and said new friend even finds my reactions amusing. I don’t know how long friendships can last in this new day and age but I’m gonna try my best and give my all.


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