Do you realize you always have the most meaningful talks unexpectedly?

On Friday, I was chatting with two of my male colleagues before an awkward group dinner and they really opened my eyes and ears. While the older guy was giving more of his opinion, the younger one was thinking with his dick. It’s all about “upping” and “dragons” (or just fill in your Zodiac sign).

That sounds really crude but it is the truth.

Regarding this situation I was in, they think I was taking it way too seriously. True, it has been rather tense and I can feel overly relieved when things go my way. In my opinion, any small movement in the wrong direction can mean the opposite to the other party so I’m trying my best not to stir up any shit. So older guy was like, it shouldn’t be so tense. Younger guy was trying to promote the wrong stuff, like someone else’s virginity.

Wow, I have nothing to say.


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