This is also the last day of January, which makes it a month since 2014 began. Naturally, there would be some comparison with last year because I’m definitely craving for some concerts – I have nothing planned for the next quarter!!

So I thought it would be nice to round up some happy events that made up 2013…

1. New workplace

Yes, I’m still with the same company but the new job gave me a chance to work in town (finally!) and also awesome colleagues! It was really sad to leave the old place (I bawled) but I’m kinda glad I did.

2. Beer and other alcoholic beverages


This was the year old friends and new colleagues made me a badass and I’m lovin’ it.

3. Hair rebonding

I think this is the best decision I ever made regarding my hair.

4. Meeting The Ataris


My first visit to the The Boiler Room for a concert and it was really the rowdiest one I’ve been to. There were crazy loads of shoving and body surfing. I love love love In This Diary and The Saddest Song. Plus, it marks the first time I took a picture with someone famous – Kris Roe!

5. Bali


First trip with the girls!

6. Hairspray the Musical


First time watching a musical and it is magical!

7. Being a bridesmaid


Yup, first time being a bridesmaid! Pretty dresses and girly fun! I just wished I was less chubby in the photos.

8. Meeting Elvin Ng


Enough said.

9. Meeting The Killers (finally)


I cannot express how happy I am to see Brandon Flowers and Co. live at the F1 stage. Every song was performed with so much energy and passion!

10. Having an Instagram account

Where pictures speak a thousand words and for me to document my adventures relating to point two.


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