A strange conversation took place today and that led me to think if I have been leading people on unknowingly. If that is so, am I still responsible for the bloodshed my subconscious actions caused?

I don’t know if I’m feeling or unfeeling or am I dead inside? I don’t know how long more can I put it off? I don’t know how long we can avoid the elephant in the room?

Meanwhile, a Whatsapp conversation is turning awkward…

Who can tell me about the boundaries of friendship?

I Googled and came about this article:

Talking on the phone with the opposite sex 
Having full-blown conversations of no legitimate reason with the opposite sex may be pushing it. It’s okay to have the occasional catch-up-on-life-talk, but be aware that it seems a little shady to your partner. No one should limit his or her friendships because of a relationship, but there should be no reason to excessively talk with someone from the opposite sex just for fun. It may make your man, or you, feel insecure and uncomfortable. 

Hanging out one-on-one with the opposite sex 
Be cautious of solo hangouts. The rule of thumb is to let your partner know BEFORE the gathering that you’ll be seeing that person one-on-one. Make sure they are completely okay with it. If there is hesitation in their response, consider hanging in a group setting or inviting your partner along. 

And I almost died… or am I already dead…
Will I go from having one more buddy to one less buddy?

Why must human beings complicate everything?!


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