I don’t know if anyone I know still reads this blog considering the last post was dated five months ago. Even WordPress changed its layout. But I have to say something – oh, how I’ve missed writing!

Writing my thoughts on a blog and saying them out are two things altogether. Writing promises an entire world of thoughts whereas I’ve always been a little stuck in the oral department.

Until I met this wonderful guy with whom I can really be myself with. I can laugh like a hyena, talk like a machine gun, swear like a sailor and cry like a baby. People who really know me know that I don’t behave like this in front of people I’ve just met or barely know. So I feel really lucky to have met this guy even though I feel he’s been shortchanged sometimes because girls are complicated and I’m no different. I think I may have portrayed myself a little less crazy than I really am. But if any males are reading this, read this article to find out more.

Till next time.


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