How I have stayed off blogging, I am not sure. I still love to write but I guess I love to sleep more.

There is more purpose in life now, especially when your friends start to build theirs and you start to envision your own.

Anyway, I’ve finally changed my job! I spent four years and four months on my first and previous job and it was a tough decision. I had to move out of my comfort zone, where everyone really liked and helped me, to a foreign environment where I didn’t know anyone. Yet, I know the move was essential because I need to think of my future.

Just would like to share something I said today which makes a lot of sense. Where better to share it than on my blog, where no one I know visits? I know it defeats the purpose, but it also defeats the purpose if people come up to me to ask me about what I’ve written. It’s already written!

KJ: Sometimes people mistake good time management as having an easy job.

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