Each year when Valentine’s Day is round the corner, we often ask ourselves the definition of love.

Is it showering your Significant Other (SO) with lots of gifts?
Is it cooking a meal for your SO?
Is it surprising your SO when he/she least expects it?

It can be any of all of the above. It can also include giving up the last piece of crispy chicken skin from Popeye’s/KFC to your SO, or getting something he/she really wants even if you have to bring your own lunch from home for a month.

Over this period of almost two years, I have experienced a variety of actions and inactions that can be defined as love. I have to say, understanding your SO and making compromises is very important to sustain a relationship. You may not agree with everything he/she does, but you know if he/she does not do it, it wouldn’t be them. Then you start to think, is it really that bad if they do what they do?

May you be happy this Valentine’s Day.



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