I’m not sure if this is The Quarter Life Crisis or it is because I’ve been forced into something I am disinterested at work.

It started a few weeks ago. I felt everything I did was non-value added. Tasks that can be done by anyone with a basic certificate or just a retiree. No offence to those mentioned, but I feel I can do better, which is why I left the previous place. There is no job fulfilment.

Then, as the weeks past, I started to accept it. I didn’t even give them a RBF or a sulky face when they asked me to learn new tasks (that I felt was worst than what I was currently doing). For a few moments, I was motivated to read up and learn. But that only lasted for those few moments.

A friend told me working is purely for money. You can never earn much doing what you love, nor can you earn a lot and love what you do. Sigh.

Wake me up when September ends.


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