I wonder if my current state of mind is a result of watching lesser movies than before, or that I don’t catch up on my shows as consistently as before. I used to really love escaping into the the world of movies and following closely into the lives of my beloved TV characters.

But, when age and life catches up, I gave in to time for resting and meetups. Intangible stuff. I can always watch these movies and TV shows later. It is really tiring being a grown-up. Adult life sucks. You need to pay bills and future loans, yet you are stuck in a job you are growing to dislike. The above case may not apply to you, but it does to me.

So, maybe in the process of cutting down these movies and TV shows, I’m starting to realize how pathetic my life is. No more supernatural elements to distract me. No more alternative post-apocalyptic lifestyle to look forward to. No weapons to carry. Nothing.


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