If the main highlight of 2014 was me getting attached (finally, some might say), then 2015 is a different ball game.

  1. I went on a 11-day trip to Taiwan with my boyfriend!It is my first major overseas trip and I enjoyed myself tremendously! Experiencing a different culture, being extremely courteous, pigging out on the various delicacies and speaking Mandarin for, like, 99% of the time.
  2. I dropped my iPhone 6 into the toilet.That was the lowest low since my phone was only four months old. I cried. I bawled. I wailed. I was angry at myself. I scolded myself. I blamed it on my stupidity. I blamed it on my carelessness.Then, my boyfriend went to surprise me with a brand new iPhone 6. I was happy and I was sad. Happy because no one has ever done such a thing for me. Sad because I lost ALL my photos from my first ever Taiwan trip. (I’m also secretly afraid I will never get a chance to relive it).
  3. My first relationship passed the 1-year mark!It really isn’t easy, once the honeymoon period is over. There is a lot of compromise and communication to keep the relationship going and not to let your thoughts run wild. It is a challenge because my thoughts are running wild all the time!
  4. I’m no longer at my first job.Changing jobs may be really easy for every other person but it isn’t for me. So, taking that first step took a hell load of courage. It was also the first time I handed my resignation letter!
  5. My BFF got married!I was so happy for her then, and I’m so happy for her now! Sometimes, it feels like I’m living vicariously through her. Maybe I feel I don’t have the good fortune to live a complete life like she does.
  6. I applied for a BTO.
    Major milestone – checked.
  7. My Tumblr page is active again, kind of.After almost a year of inactivity and missing out on reaction gifs, I’m back with a vengeance! How I miss those glorious gifs, capturing priceless moments in movies, television shows and award ceremonies.

That is about all I can squeeze out for now.
Till then, have a happy and fruitful 2016!



Rory Gilmore: Uh, I kind of view studying as a solitary activity.


While I’m still here, I would like to give a special shout-out to my current favourite show of the moment – Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

I laugh almost every minute of each episode and it really cheers me up after a long and exhausting day of work! Solving crimes have never been this funny.

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B99-S02E14Jake Peralta: Now put on your phoniest smile cos we’re going into the belly of the beast.


Sam: Is everything a Bob Seger song to you?
Dean: Yes.

Loved the Winchester brothers singing in their Impala.


How I have stayed off blogging, I am not sure. I still love to write but I guess I love to sleep more.

There is more purpose in life now, especially when your friends start to build theirs and you start to envision your own.

Anyway, I’ve finally changed my job! I spent four years and four months on my first and previous job and it was a tough decision. I had to move out of my comfort zone, where everyone really liked and helped me, to a foreign environment where I didn’t know anyone. Yet, I know the move was essential because I need to think of my future.

Just would like to share something I said today which makes a lot of sense. Where better to share it than on my blog, where no one I know visits? I know it defeats the purpose, but it also defeats the purpose if people come up to me to ask me about what I’ve written. It’s already written!

KJ: Sometimes people mistake good time management as having an easy job.


Iggy Azalea is one of my favourite artists right now. Listening to her rap makes me feel all powerful. Do you get that when you listen to Hip-Hop?


Humans are all creatures of habit.

Bus route changing – you’ll get used to it.
Workload getting too heavy – you’ll get used to it.
New processes implemented in the workplace – you’ll get used to it.
Colleagues leaving the workplace – you’ll get used to it.
People sending you home – you’ll get used to it.
People buying you drinks – you’ll get used to it.
Your new diet plan is boring – you’ll get used to it.
People stop buying you treats – you’ll get used to it.
People not sending you home – you’ll get used to it.

All in all, if things are beyond your control, there’s nothing you can do but get used to it.