Looking at all the magazines and newsapers coming up with their ‘Top 5/Top 10′ movies of the year, I have decided to do the same!

The following are not in any order – simply because I can’t decide their order!

Big hair, loud music and dance moves – a simply must-watch to brighten up your dullest days!

A black British comedy that could make me laugh even with just a snippet from Youtube. A great ab workout.

Great action effects and fight scenes that fascinated me. I can watch it again and again…

Though it seems like a really boozy/babes show, I have grown to like Judd Apatow-produced films (like Knocked Up). After all, this show was ultimately about the friendship between the two leads.

Cute little fat rats – one that has great ambition, another that supports his brother fully. Awww… so sweet.


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