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SKY met up during the last week of November to celebrate our birthdays! We had Korean food at Far East Plaza and YC actually brought a chocolate-marshmallow cake that she baked especially for us! Plus, SZ and I each got a personalized giant cookie! Yippee!



Had dinner with The Girls to celebrate my birthday!

We wanted to try Porn’s but ended up at Beaver’s which has really high and unstable chairs. My legs were almost numb after dinner. Good thing is that we managed to come up with hilarious themes for the shoot and their chicken chop had BACON!

Chilling at Iluma’s The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (with proper chairs)! Ordered a Cafe Mocha, which is a drink I’ve recently discovered that tastes really good. Now I can alternate it with my teas.

And they bought me a Braun Buffel wallet – affectionately named “Gu” by Hui Yan! A very pretty shade of teal!



We celebrated Hui Yan’s birthday at the end of September and we tried to make her a DIY cake from The Icing Room. Well, decorating and writing on the cake isn’t as easy as it looks. But the sprinkling of the mini hearts was pretty fun!

Then we headed to Lena’s for dinner and Cafe Iguana for drinks! The waiters of Lena’s even sang Happy Birthday for Hui Yan!


It’s Matthew Followill’s birthday!


Well, we celebrated Serene’s birthday last month at Ichiban Boshi and Udders! Let the pictures do the talking…


Yup, July 19 is Jared Padalecki‘s birthday!


Met up with The Girls last Thursday for dinner to celebrate Suting’s birthday and also the end of our examinations! Had dinner at Just Acia, Dhoby Ghaut Xchange.

Then, we headed to The Mind Cafe for some games!

Our actions were totally hilarious! Everyone went snatch-crazy at “Ugly Doll” and shouting “UGLY UGLY UGLY!” at the top of our voices! The other crazy game was “Panda Monium”, which was recommended by the guy there. It required lots of memory since we had to remember what each picture represented which action and we were in a state of total mess. We followed the first action we saw (even though it was incorrect) and the fake action cards totally confused us too. A very chaotic game. LOL.

And we posed with our ‘pest’ cards!

Same toad. Different effects.

With the birthday girl, SUTING!